14,427 ft / 4,397 m

#3 in Colorado

#23 in United States


2,360 ft / 719 m

#40 in Colorado

#551 in United States


61 summits

#31 in Colorado

#375 in United States

Top climbing months

August   30%

July   22%

September  12%

Most climbed route

South Slopes


  • Mount Harvard is a Colorado 14er and also the fourth highest mountain in the contiguous United States.
  • Named in 1869 by members of the first Harvard Mining School class while on expedition with professor Josiah Dwight Whitney, the namesake of Mount Whitney. The same group named the peak next to Harvard Mount Yale, and estimated that it was over 14,000 feet in height.
  • Harvard and Yale were the first 14,000 foot mountains in the Sawatch Range to be named after universities. Later, nearby mountains were named for Princeton, Columbia, and Oxford, leading to the name "Collegiate Peaks" for this part of the Sawatch Range.
  • Harvard is often climbed in combination with Mount Columbia.