14,427 ft / 4,397 m


2,360 ft / 719 m


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South Slopes


  • Mount Harvard is a Colorado 14er and also the fourth highest mountain in the contiguous United States.
  • Named in 1869 by members of the first Harvard Mining School class while on expedition with professor Josiah Dwight Whitney, the namesake of Mount Whitney. The same group named the peak next to Harvard Mount Yale, and estimated that it was over 14,000 feet in height.
  • Harvard and Yale were the first 14,000 foot mountains in the Sawatch Range to be named after universities. Later, nearby mountains were named for Princeton, Columbia, and Oxford, leading to the name "Collegiate Peaks" for this part of the Sawatch Range.
  • Harvard is often climbed in combination with Mount Columbia.
"Hiked in at about 0700hrs from the trail head at the end of county route 365 followed the Horn Fork Basin trail and set up camp at the first camp site directly across from the Mount Columbia trail. Weather was fantastic. Clear blue skies perfect temperatures. Returned to Base camp that evening to have dinner. Slept till 0530hrs then woke for breakfast and made the hike up to Mount Columbia on the 23rd of September. Once again a day of amazingly clear skies." - jouv236, Sep 22, 2018
"A beautiful hike up and a fantastic view from the top. We did meet Steven the Goat - cute from afar but rather intimidating until Ian pulled out the hiking poles. Don't make eye contact..." - DaniB, Aug 26, 2015
"Mountain 1 of 2 for the day. Around a 15 or 16 mile round trip. We made it all the way to the trailhead in a 2WD passenger car. The last little bit near the parking lot was the worst. The hike up was beautiful and the valley bellow Mount Harvard was amazing! Near the summit we encountered a Mountain Goat that was quite interested in us and followed behind us staying only a few feet away for quite some time. They are large creatures with sharp and dangerous looking horns that are quite capable of harming or even killing people. I have heard horror stories from other people I have known that cl" - IanWright, Aug 26, 2015



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