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614 ft / 187 m


212 summits

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June   16%

July   15%

August   11%


  • Mount Hale is a 4000-footer in New Hampshire.
  • Part of the Twin Range of the White Mountains.
  • The summit has a clearing and large rock cairn that when climbed provides limited views.
"Solo. 2/48. With a nasty weather day in the forecast, I opted to go hike something that wouldn’t have afforded me a view anyhow. I started out around 10am after speaking to a woman in the parking lot who was waiting for her daughter to arrive at the trailhead so they could hike together. The trail was mostly dirt, wide, and well-loved and maintained with many water redirects to keep the trail less flooded, and no blow down. Toward the middle & top, there were some rocky areas I watched my footing on as it was wet, wet, wet. It rained the entire time I was out. I had pulled my $18 basic rain ja" - kellieirene, Aug 22, 2018
"A beautiful day for a hike and I felt good. I had heard the views were not great from Hale, and they were not. However, the loop I did over to Zealand Falls provided many good views! Couldn't have been happier." - GSDTheFlea, Jul 19, 2017
"A spur of the moment hike during a rainy weekend. We knew we might get wet, but holy cow... But it was my hiking partner's first rain hike. A right of passage, I think. Also probably the only time we will ever say, "Wait... we're at the top already?"" - gooner, Jun 24, 2017
"This was an attempt for Hale and Zealand for my April Grid. That challenge would be Zealand and the river crossing. I made my way up the Fire Warden's Tr. I didn't encounter snow until I got out of the birch forest. I kept the spikes off and kept going up the snowy/icy trail. The summit had no snow." - newenglandwarrior, Apr 28, 2017
"Finally got a chance to winter hike the fire warden's trail. Great day for it, lots of sun, warm and bright blue skies when we summited. Lots of snow so snowshoes all the way. Lots of people skiing and riding down the trail. Looked like fun!" - Alohabuffy, Feb 18, 2017



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