13,418 ft / 4,090 m


518 ft / 158 m


4 summits

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August   50%

June   25%

September  25%

Most climbed route

Southeast Face

"For all my struggles the first day, this made up for it completely. Started at 4AM with a big group of 20, 8 going with Bob Burd to the Black Divide for the challenge, the rest scattered around to do challenge peaks from prior years. I, along with 3 others, parted ways with the pack at Sailor Lake and climbed fantastic solid granite slabs to get in the basin above Hungry Packer Lake. From there, we worked to the base of the glacier, which at first seemed melted, but was actually buried under dust and rock. We topped out on the col and began traversing over to find the class 3 slab route. One m" - Christopher, Aug 18, 2013



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