12,300 ft / 3,749 m


1,375 ft / 419 m


2 summits

Top climbing months

June   50%

July   50%

Most climbed route

To/from Guyot Pass

"Hit Guyot pass at 5:30 and decided to go for it. This climb was actually the least steep of the day, and although it was sandy, it was pretty firm since the grade was comparatively gentle. The summit plateau was more complex then I expected, and the summit block was a blocky, 30 foot high monster that actually required some of my most exposed moves of the day, although I think it could have been avoided had I continued a bit past to the south. Man I wish I had more time to enjoy this peak, I've never climbed anything so far from a trailhead. The register went back to 1974 when it was first pla" - Christopher, Jun 8, 2013



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