13,005 ft / 3,964 m


1,030 ft / 314 m


16 summits

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September  23%

"After bagging Independence Peak and University Peak I decided why not hit up Mount Gould. The hike up Kearsarge Pass was pleasantly quiet with minimal hikers. Thank goodness. This trail is always crowded! Once off trail the winds started to really pick up. At the summit I decided to opt out of the short class three summit block due to 40 mph gusts. I was looking forward to the summit block so this turned out to be rather uneventful. I’ll have to make up for this when I hit up the nearby Dragon Peak : ) " - ThemountainsarecallingImustgo, Sep 10, 2018
"This excursion was taken with the China Lake Mountain Rescue Group (CLMRG) for their Mountaineering 101 course's (hard) day trip . The plan was to climb Dragon Peak from the Onion Valley parking lot and then see if the class was up to doing the traverse to Mount Gould. The entire class succeeded in climbing both Dragon Peak and Mount Gould!" - Irrationalist, Jul 20, 2013



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