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"Took the bike up Mount Gleason Road. Ended up pushing it up some incline. The burned out Corrections facility, Camp 16, near the firefighter memorial is by far the most interesting feature of the road route. Otherwise a crosser-off-er." - JustinB, Jan 17, 2018
"A long, but enjoyable walk from Mill Creek Summit to Mt Gleason along both the PCT and Mt. Gleason road. The burned out fire camp #16 was eerie. I was envious of a group of road bikers who passed me on the way back... cycling is definitely the way to go on this long 20 mile route. " - edg, Mar 26, 2017
"Rode EMTB from Pony Park to Gleason. About ten miles one-way. (Register is on bump north of Gleason.) Passed burned out Camp 16 from the Station fire and its memorial. Although the road is gated/locked, I saw 4 vehicles." - thesearcherextraordinaire, Oct 21, 2016
"The hike along the PCT from Mill Creek Summit picnic area to Mount Gleason is long...11.5 miles each way....but it's a pleasant enough trip. I wanted something relatively flat after doing Rattlesnake last week and Monrovia Peak the week before that. This was just the ticket. There's quite a bit of poodle dog next to sections of the trail, but it's easily avoidable." - HikerMark, Mar 26, 2016
"POW, right in the kisser! Took the painful trip from Mill Creek Summit 20 something miles on pavement as the road is still closed from the station fire. The views from the summit were poor and there was poodle dog everywhere, but I stumbled on to the Station Fire Memorial and ruins of the Camp 16, a compound of like 20 buildings that were destroyed in the fire, and also the site where two fire fighters lost their lives. Very interesting and moving." - Christopher, Aug 3, 2013



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