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  • Mount Garfield is a New Hampshire 4000 footer best known for its rocky knob summit with sweeping views deep into the Pemigwasset Wilderness.
  • Connected via Garfield Ridge to Mount Lafayette 3.5 miles away.
  • The Appalachian Trail runs along the ridge and across the summit of Garfield.
  • Most popular route to the summit is the easy 5 mile Garfield Trail which mostly follows old fire roads to the top before a short, steep, and easy scramble to the summit.
  • There is an old foundation on the summit of Garfield, which most refer to as from a fire tower.
"2 semaines solo de pure plaisir à faire du hiking à différentes places dont les Whites Moutains. Grosse journée qui commence à la noirceur. J'ai essuyé une tempête de l'enfer ici. Par chance la Galehead Hut était encore ouverte au sommet. J'ai pu m'y réfugier le temps que cela se calme un peu. Sur Garfield, les vents étaient horribles! Ils me trainaient par terre." - fsoucy76, Sep 21, 2018
"My hiking buddy was heading out for her first trek over Mount Washington, so I snagged a spot with the AMC Boston Chapter for a small group hike of Mount Garfield. The trail was easy and moderate throughout, and only tested my thigh strength for that top 0.2 miles. The company of my fellow hikers was fun and lighthearted, and the view--Amazing! We spent over an hour at the summit, soaking in everything we could." - gooner, Jul 21, 2018
"Hiked Mount Garfield on 6/23. (9 of 48 4000’s complete). 5 miles to summit. Fairly easy trail grading for most of the way up. Miles seemed to fly by. Only the last .2 miles is steep. Views are well worth it. Cold and windy at summit. Beat the rain out too. " - dmcosker, Jun 23, 2018
"Already had this peak for my Grid but this was more about networking. It was a Presi kind of day. No wind on Garfield making it an incredible day up there. We went on to Galehead next. Went with a Meetup group (Random)" - newenglandwarrior, Dec 2, 2017
"Great weekend in the White mountains! Hit North Twin and South Twin, and made our way to Galehead. Galehead was my friends #48 to finish the NH 4000 footers. From there we hiked to Garfield campsite, next morning hiked to Garfield summit and down and out The Gailriver tail" - blackwolf_03278, Jul 30, 2017



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