4,500 ft / 1,372 m

#38 in New Hampshire

#31,511 in United States


800 ft / 244 m

#53 in New Hampshire

#2,536 in United States


276 summits

Top climbing months

July   19%

August   16%

May   12%


  • Mount Garfield is a New Hampshire 4000 footer best known for its rocky knob summit with sweeping views deep into the Pemigwasset Wilderness.
  • Connected via Garfield Ridge to Mount Lafayette 3.5 miles away.
  • The Appalachian Trail runs along the ridge and across the summit of Garfield.
  • Most popular route to the summit is the easy 5 mile Garfield Trail which mostly follows old fire roads to the top before a short, steep, and easy scramble to the summit.
  • There is an old foundation on the summit of Garfield, which most refer to as from a fire tower.