2,454 ft / 748 m


781 ft / 238 m


75 summits

Top climbing months

July   17%

May   16%

September  13%

Most climbed route

Mt Frissell trail

  • Mount Frissell is located on the border of Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • Most known in climbing circles as the state highpoint of Connecticut.
  • While the peak and northern part of the mountain are located within Massachusetts, the southern slope of Mount Frissell is located in Connecticut and rises to the highest elevation of any point within that state, 2,379 ft.
  • Bear Mountain, located 1.3 miles to the east, is the highest mountain summit in Connecticut.
  • Mount Frissell is traversed by the Mount Frissell Trail which connects with the South Taconic Trail to the west and the Appalachian Trail to the east.
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