4,328 ft / 1,319 m


408 ft / 124 m


290 summits

Top climbing months

July   16%

June   15%

September  14%

Most climbed route

Flume Slide Trail


  • Mt. Flume can be accessed from Franconia Ridge Trail, Osseo Trail, and Flume Slide Trail. Flume Slide Trail should be avoided in bad weather. The Flume Gorge is often climbed partway from the Visitor Center.
"Franconia ridge traverse....amazing day with clear skies...relatively warm! We realized during our hike to the last mountains that our car spot key was forgotten in the first car....so we had to backtrack to liberty again and head down liberty springs and road walk on the bike path for a few miles to get to our car...still an amazing day! Just a little longer than intended!" - shay-shay, Mar 25, 2018
"Went up Liberty Springs, then over to Flume and back. Trails were in pretty good condition, solid snow pack. Some ice on top half of Liberty Springs near the tent site. First trip over Liberty summit, we were socked in the clouds. But it started to clear when we were eating lunch on Flume and had much nicer views from Liberty when we returned. Enjoyed seeing several crossbill birds at Liberty's summit." - Alohabuffy, Mar 4, 2018
"Hiked up the Slide trail to Flume summit and then hiked over to Mount Liberty. Slide was really wet and had to stick to edge of woods for grip, but really enjoy this hike and route." - blackwolf_03278, Aug 22, 2017
"Franconia Ridge hike with Meetup Group... Trails: Old Bridle Path, Franconia Ridge Trail, Liberty Springs Trail Parking: Cars at The Basin and cars at Old Bridle Path Snow covered trails up to summits, a few icy patches, slushy patches and bare rock…throw in some mud in a few places and voila! SPRING! Water crossings: Lots on Liberty Springs all open…we had to get our boots wet quite a bit Dogs…just a few, all well behaved Traction: Spikes up, and in between a few places and some bare booting. We carried our snowshoes all day. Lost & Found: broken glasses on Liberty (PEOPLE, PICK U" - shay-shay, Apr 15, 2017
"Denise and Nick were feeling it, so they decided to head back. I was determined and kept going to Flume solo. I put on my snowshoes and went. The snow on the tree branches were melting and were very wet. I quickly got soaked from this. I had my jacket on, so that helped. My pants were soaked. I made my way to Flume, quickly enjoyed the views, then headed back. I tried to hurry in the fleeting hope that I would catch up with Denise and Nick. So I moved down Liberty Springs Tr faster than normal. I encountered one group near the beginning of the trail, a group of three that were ill prepared an" - newenglandwarrior, Apr 9, 2017



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