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"AH - MAZING day in the whites! No clouds...just sun and no wind either! Throw in feeding the gray jays and we were happy as pigs in slop. Got Tom, Field and Willey on the books for April." - shay-shay, Apr 23, 2018
"Nice winter day, near 30 at base of mountains. Hiked up the Avalon Trail to Avalon, then up to Mt. Field and over to Tom. Lots of packed snow on trail, mirco spikes up to Avalon and Mt. Field. From Field to Mt. Tom put on snowshoes." - blackwolf_03278, Feb 19, 2018
"Columbus Day weekend. We chose the best day weather wise but still ran into light rain and drizzle for a good portion of the hike. We ascended via the Avalon trail to the A-Z trail to the Mt Tom Spur. Then we hiked across to Mt Field. The descent down the Avalon trail was very steep tricky and wet as rain continued. A truly beautiful hike despite the limited views and diminished visibility. We skipped the Mt Avalon spur due to time." - Amero4k, Oct 7, 2017
"After a failed attempt trying to cross the Little River to climb the Twins we made our way over to Crawford Notch and set our sights on Willey, Field and Tom. The trail to Willey starts off as part of the AT for the initial 1.6 miles as we climb over some nice rock stairs and log stairs to reach 2600'. At ~ 1.6 miles in the AT splits off and heads towards Zealand Falls and the Willey Range trail starts up - REALLY up as we will climb only 400' over the next 0.6 miles and then 1300' in the last 0.5 miles before the summit - heavily eroded and a little slick in the rain at the top but a very fu" - deb-and-rob, Jun 9, 2017
"A very wet day hiking up to hit tom, field and avalon....the snow was steaming and created quite a fog! We hit Avalon first, and didn't get any views due to the heavy clouds and then went to Field. As I hit the summit and went to the side I saw the most incredible view! The presidential all open with an undercast below...by the second the clouds were rolling in...it was amazing! We then enjoyed lunch with the gray jays!! After the most incredible lunch break we finished up the loop on foggy Tom and headed back to Crawfords. An amazing day in the clouds!" - shay-shay, Jan 22, 2017



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