4,340 ft / 1,323 m


1,681 ft / 512 m


282 summits

Top climbing months

August   16%

June   12%

September  11%

"2 semaines solo de pure plaisir à faire du hiking à différentes places dont les Whites Moutains. Pour cette série je voulais faire Avalon, Willey, Field et ensuite arriver sur Tom pour le coucher du soleil. La journée était parfait pour cela. Aucun nuage, ni rien! Et finalement, à mon arriver sur Tom, des gros nuages se sont mis de la partie. Donc je suis repartis sans avoir de photo de coucher de soleil.... Mais j'ai mes 4 sommets! :)" - fsoucy76, Sep 27, 2018
"Solo. 8/48. See Willey log for the beginning of the climb report. After I hit the summit of Willey I quickly picked my way over to Field. The trail was narrow with lots of things brushing me on the sides of the trail, kind of claustrophobic. Footing was tricky and rocky, along with lots of exposed roots, and still soaking wet. When I was about to hit the summit of this, Field, I heard voices. And more voices. And more voices. WTF? As soon as I got to the cairn about 30 folks were turning up, almost all of whom were loudly speaking French. Not wanting to join the weird group for any length of t" - kellieirene, Aug 27, 2018
"AH - MAZING day in the whites! No clouds...just sun and no wind either! Throw in feeding the gray jays and we were happy as pigs in slop. Got Tom, Field and Willey on the books for April." - shay-shay, Apr 23, 2018
"Nice winter day, near 30 at base of mountains. Hiked up the Avalon Trail to Avalon, then up to Mt. Field and over to Tom. Lots of packed snow on trail, mirco spikes up to Avalon and Mt. Field. From Field to Mt. Tom put on snowshoes." - blackwolf_03278, Feb 19, 2018
"Columbus Day weekend. We chose the best day weather wise but still ran into light rain and drizzle for a good portion of the hike. We ascended via the Avalon trail to the A-Z trail to the Mt Tom Spur. Then we hiked across to Mt Field. The descent down the Avalon trail was very steep tricky and wet as rain continued. A truly beautiful hike despite the limited views and diminished visibility. We skipped the Mt Avalon spur due to time." - Amero4k, Oct 7, 2017



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