15,325 ft / 4,671 m

#1 in British Columbia

#12 in Canada


12,962 ft / 3,951 m

#1 in British Columbia

#2 in Canada


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  • Mount Fairweather (officially Fairweather Mountain in Canada but referred to as Mount Fairweather) is one of the world's highest coastal mountains and the highest peak in British Columbia.
  • Located 12 miles east of the Pacific Ocean on the border of Alaska, United States and western British Columbia, Canada.
  • Most of the mountain lies within Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve in Alaska, while the summLocated in Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, British Columbia.
  • Named on May 3, 1778 by Captain James Cook apparently for the unusually good weather encountered at the time.
  • Despite its name, Mount Fairweather has generally harsh weather conditions. It receives over 100 inches of precipitation each year (mostly snow) and has temperatures of around -50¡F. Clouds usually hide the summit from view.
  • Mount Fairweather is the highest point in Glacier Bay National Park.