14,270 ft / 4,349 m


2,764 ft / 842 m


175 summits

Top climbing months

August   28%

July   26%

June   14%

Most climbed route

summit lake trail to mt. evans via mt. spalding

Class 2 • 1,751 ft / 534 m gain


  • Mount Evans is a Colorado 14er in the Front Range and the closest fourteener to Denver.
  • Mount Evans dominates the Denver area skyline.
  • Unfortunately for hikers and mountaineers, there is a road to the summit, the highest paved road in North America.
  • There are annual bike and running races to the summit using this road.
  • The ruins of the Crest House, which once contained a restaurant and gift shop, serve as an observation platform near the summit.
  • Mount Evans is an extremely busy place but offers up a multitude of interesting routes that get away from the crowds.
"Drive up to Summit Lake. Had the intention of hiking up the short route up to the summit but we missed the trail and hiked all the way up the road. About 6 miles up, summited at 4:15 and took the trail down. 7.5 miles total. " - aenea9881, Sep 16, 2018
"Mt Evans - West Evans - The Sawtooth - Mt Bierstadt - Mt Spalding 9.8km with 500m gain in 4:15hrs While it looks like a cheat day: short, low gain and starting from the highest point which is accessible by car... but it definitely didn't feel like that. First of all, it was for the first time when I was consciously aware of the altitude: my legs simply weren't moving uphill. Similar to some cars at elevations 3,500m+: doesn't matter how much one presses on a gas pedal, it barely moves (actually we saw a couple of such on the road, a Jeep and Subaru). It was fine for me to go on flat " - alexp, Aug 6, 2018
"Mountain 4 of 5 for the day. A very rewarding moment after doing the Beierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans traverse. Unfortunately, I had a few bad interactions with very rude, obviously tourists that had driven up the mountain in a car. " - IanWright, Aug 23, 2015
"Did this via Tour de Abyss - which starts on a switchback up to Evans. Drove up in two cars and left one at the summit so we could drive back down. This is my absolute favorite hike I have done so far. Started the hike with a quick jaunt up to the toilets at Evans which, with the crazy high winds that morning caused pee to go up instead of down - yes I share too much :) The Willows were a new one for me - I always thought they were huge trees with long drooping branches - wasn't expecting a swamp like area and had no gaiters. Other lesson from this trip, pack more than needed. We started aroun" - kelseyjames8675309, Aug 21, 2015
"Started around 7:30am from the Mt. Bierstadt parking lot. Hiked Mt. Bierstadt then crossed the sawtooth for Evans. Like I expected lots of people on both summits but the sawtooth people free. Had some hail and rain on the hike back from Evans." - Ryan_Wallace, Aug 10, 2015



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