13,130 ft / 4,002 m


430 ft / 131 m


13 summits

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July   23%

March   15%

June   15%

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From Mt. Flora

"Had a late start to the day, but got to Berthoud pass around 11:30am. Went up the maintenance road to Mines, then down the ridge and met up with the CDT. Ran into two skiers at this point who were apparently going to descend the northwest slopes of Flora. Didn’t see anyone else the entire day! I couldn’t believe it since the parking lot was full and it was a Sunday. Made it over to Flora by 2pm and descended the fairly steep ridge between Flora and Eva. Managed to summit Eva around 3:30pm. Once there I had thought of doing Parry as well, but after looking at how steep the traverse would be and" - tylerburg, Feb 28, 2016
"Looking for a good summer warm-up hike, I decided to hit Berthoud Pass and the CDT. From the parking lot, I summited Colorado Mines Peak, Mt. Flora, and Mt. Eva. The round trip was roughly 11 miles, 3,800' vertical gain, and took about seven hours." - WaxDr, Jun 19, 2013


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