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Herdpath from Donaldson

"Not a great day, cloudy, windy and drizzling at times. The weather report was totally wrong but we figured we will take on Donaldson and Emmons and depending on the time, shoot up Seward. We did not want to get home too late being it is Sunday and we need to get things done prepping for work on Monday. So we headed out a little late (7:30am) we started! Conditions we a bit muddy but we found the calkins brook trail really nice. We made good timing getting up to the cole between Seward and Donaldson, shot to Donaldson by 11am. and Emmons by 12. Views were no good but the sky was clearing, made " - hbotc, Aug 6, 2017
"Solo. Donaldson, Emmons, Seward. A tough day for me- I broke trail on snowshoes and struggled through mud pits as well. I scooted off of Donaldson pretty quickly as there was no view to be had and continued on to Emmons. This trail was not what I had read about- wow! Hella ice slides with limited handholds. My arms are gonna hurt tomorrow! I carefully picked my way through the less than desirable terrain.. Got a real kick of how the hares seem to use the herd paths! Breaking trail was brutal- I was sinking in significantly in most areas and my pace was very very slow. Emmons summit was nothing" - kellieirene, Oct 25, 2016
"Journey across Seward - Donaldson - Emmons, with Jay and Nolan. The weather started nice, but began to look ominous at the summit of Emmons. Thankfully we were able to make the trip back over Seward and down the rockiest sections before we lost daylight, and the rain began to fall. The last few miles in solid rain and darkness made the return to the tents. " - Kazmuglin, Sep 19, 2015
"Enjoyed a nice winter hike to climb Don, Emmons and Seward today. Temps were brisk in the am with a forecast of mid-teens and then a storm coming in late in the day. As it turned out the winds would pick up by mid morning and the storm would be upon us by noon which made for some tough conditions. Headed in via the horse trail to Caulkins Brook HP (roughly 3 miles) then up to Donaldson (~ 6 miles in), over to Emmons( ~7 miles in) back to Don and over to Seward (~ 8.5 miles in) and down to Ward Brook and out (~ 5 miles once at Ward Brook junction). All trails were broken out except Seward w" - deb-and-rob, Feb 21, 2015
"Hiked ~ 17 miles - Corey Rd Seward entrance to Calkins Brook to Donaldson, Emmons, Donaldson and Seward. Down the north side of Seward to the Ward Brook trail and back out. Great hike - wet conditions on Emmons and lower trails, snow on some of the Seward descent." - deb-and-rob, May 25, 2014



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