14,440 ft / 4,401 m


9,093 ft / 2,772 m


278 summits

Top climbing months

August   26%

July   22%

September  17%

Most climbed route

Northeast Ridge via Half Moon Creek

Class 1


  • Mount Elbert is the highest Colorado 14er and the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains, yet the summit has been reached by Jeep and also mountain bike.
  • There are three main routes up the mountain, all of which gain over 4,000 feet of elevation.
  • The standard route ascends the peak from the east, starting from the Colorado Trail.
  • Mount Elbert is a popular backcountry ski descent in the Spring.
"Long day, but we made it. Couldn’t have picked a better day for weather. Lots of people and pups on the trail. We even got to see a Mountain Goat! Fourth High Point and 14’er!!!" - DoyleWalton, Jul 2, 2018
"Beautiful clear day at the summit. I took the half moon trail up the north east ridge. It was a very popular mountain that day. I must have seen about 50 hikers on the trail that day. I met some great people. Hikers from Nebraska University. Visitors to Colorado from Arizona, Tennessee, and many others. " - jouv236, May 25, 2018
"Had a free day before starting my loop on the Colorado Trail so figured I would give this high point a shot! The road in was long and bumpy, but I found some good dispersed camping with cell service right before entering the NF. This was my first hike ever at any sort of real elevation coming from the East coast and I was interested in seeing how it went. Made it above treeline relatively quickly and saw many more people than I expected working the path that sprawled up the mountain in front of me. My breathing became noticeably more labored as I approached 12,000 feet, but I was rejuvenated a" - troyfowler, Aug 14, 2017
"For my second trip up Elbert, I decided to bring two New Yorkers (my old hiking buddy Tom, and my friend Matt, who had climbed about 3 mountains prior to this) up the South Ridge of Elbert. Started out rough, because I was up all night with what seemed like food poisoning, but still managed to struggle up to South Elbert, at which point I was fairly sure I couldn't go any further. The look in Tom's eyes at the prospect of backing down propelled me to continue on, and we made it to the state high point about an hour later. On the way back down, I hit the two 13ers nearby just because I have no " - LGH-Dan, Jun 16, 2017
"Finally came back to Colorado!!! My friend Dan promised me a 14er this time, so of course we decided to start with the state high point. We started at 6am with plans to hike the south east ridge trail up and over south Elbert and continuing on to Elbert before following the same trail back. It was a phenomenal hike. Got a slight headache when we were above 14,000' but it went away when we started our descent. It was a good day. " - LGH-Tom, Jun 16, 2017



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