4,780 ft / 1,457 m


351 ft / 107 m


344 summits

Top climbing months

July   24%

August   15%

June   13%


  • This New Hampshire 4000 footer lies in the southern section of the Presidential Range and is fittingly named after President Dwight Eisenhower. Its original name was Mount Pleasant.
  • The Appalachian Trail (via Crawford Path) crosses near the summit of Eisenhower; a summit loop trail heads to the top.
  • Mt. Eisenhower's summit provides 360° views of the rest of the Presidentials and many other 4000ers in the White Mountains.
  • Often combined with the other Presidential Range 4000-foot peaks in a one-day Presidential Traverse (aka Presi Traverse)
"Beautiful hike! We were lucky to have fair weather. Mt Clinton road was closed so we walked the road to the trail head. We hiked up pierce and then ventured on a lovely ridge from pierce to Eisenhower. The of Eisenhower from Pierce was striking! The rocky surfaces made us feel like mountain goats! The ridge continued to Monroe and we could clearly see Washington close by. As we summited Eisnenhower a large rain cloud passed by covering the weather station atop Washington. Lucky we didn’t experience any rain though the wind was carried a cool chill. On our way down Edmunds while crossing the r" - kaylajean, Aug 25, 2018
"Up eisenhower and pierce...Curran & I started our day at 4am to be back to celebrate with our mothers. Great weather, amazing morning....snow and monorail still up there....spikes on and off but tank tops and spikes are my favorite hiking combination!" - shay-shay, May 13, 2018
"Southern Presi loop with Roger...Up to Eisenhower....underestimated the amount of fresh snow...we decided to try a trail new to us and then headed across pierce and to jackson. We had to break trail up to Eisenhower and from the hut to Jackson. A gorgeous day with warmer temps and just a little wind." - shay-shay, Apr 11, 2018
"For Doug's NH48W finish. Had to do some trail breaking after Pierce. Wind was brutal on top of Eisenhower. We couldn't stay. Had to get out of there. We opted to not hike Pierce." - newenglandwarrior, Mar 18, 2018
"After Pierce, I went up and did Eisenhower. It was chilly and I was socked in. Didn't stay to long. There were pockets of ice I had to deal with when coming down the summit cone. Saw 3 other people on the summit that came in from the other side. " - newenglandwarrior, Oct 27, 2017



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