2,080 ft / 634 m


1,443 ft / 440 m


10 summits

Top climbing months

March   40%

September  30%

July   20%

Most climbed route

Track from dam wall

"4 of us from Meetup group Happy Hikers climbed Edwards, followed by a BBQ at Haigh Park. We were joined by another Happy Hikers group who did Spicers Peak. One lady was very slow (took all day eventually to go up and back down). I went half way up again after our BBQ to help her husband bring her down. She started at 8.40 am and got back down to the car at 4.50 pm. Longest climb of Edwards ever." - donizen, Jul 21, 2018
"Went with a meetup group of about a dozen. 2 people gave up and returned before even reaching halfway. Four others struggled to make it but managed to get there. It looks easy but is harder than expected. Steep in some bits. Views at the top are worth it." - donizen, Sep 19, 2015


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