9,025 ft / 2,751 m


5,153 ft / 1,571 m


20 summits

Top climbing months

June   35%

September  20%

July   20%

Most climbed route

Deadfall Lakes

"Came down to Humboldt county for a family reunion. I was able to hike Eddy on the way back north. This area is way nicer than I expected. Could faintly see Lassen and McLoughlin but Shasta is the star of this summit. " - MatthewWinterberg, Jun 24, 2018
"Bad weather predicted so I delayed my Shasta trip by a day and hiked Mt. Eddy early in the morning. Was on and off the summit before 9am before the T-storms started, but there was heavy cloud cover so I never got a view of the "Big Mountain" from the summit." - klotito, May 20, 2018



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