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"This was a great hike to 4 different peaks. Each trail to the peaks were different as well. Gabriel peak was a nice single track with amazing views. Mt. Disappointment was a paved maintenance road with nice views as well. Walk back down to the main trail and take the Mt. Lowe trail (not the fire road) up to the Lowe summit. It’s very special with amazing views. The trail is pretty easy as it’s a wide trail and plenty of shade. Go back down the same way to reach the trail to Mt. Markham. This trail is technical and fun. Wear pants for this one because of the Spanish daggers and other sticker bu" - rickb, Jan 5, 2018
"First of two peak hike this day (second was neighboring San Gabriel Peak (6,161')). Moderate hike up Bill Reily Trail from Red Box Area. Lovely oak forest along way up Bill Reily Trail. I intersected Mt. Disappointment Road and headed to radio tower capped summit. Then, I headed to San Gabriel Peak Trail to the namesake summit. I returned from San Gabriel Peak to the saddle between both peaks, then down Mt. Disappointment Fire Rd. to Bill Reily Trail back down to the parking area at Red Box." - brianpowell, Mar 7, 2015
"I rode my bicycle up Chaney Trail, up Mount Lowe fire road, thru Mueller Tunnel, and up to the top of Mount Disappointment. Started below the clouds and finished above the clouds." - ken.chanaud, Jun 28, 2014
"Peak #2 of 5 on 11 mi RT. San Gabriel Peak trail to 2nd junction with Mt Disappointment Rd. Took Rd to the saddle between San Gabriel Peak and Mt Disappointment, then up to the ruins of the old Nike SAM installation and multiple antenna towers. Then back down to the saddle." - srphilip, Jan 8, 2012



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