5,760 ft / 1,756 m


803 ft / 245 m


39 summits

Top climbing months

July   27%

August   17%

September  15%

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"Lots of snow. ~4 feet a mile before summit. Got a late start, and only had spikes, no snowshoes, turned around 1 mi pre summit. Great trip, will be coming back to finish the job!" - minischankie, Nov 26, 2016
"Wonderful conditions for a December hike. Snow about half way up, and spikes weren't needed although most people had them on. The top was extremely windy, which negated any warmth from the sun, but made for very crisp and clear views. " - BryHong8, Dec 7, 2014
"I've never been so sweaty in my life. Tough hike up some brutal steep switchbacks, but the payoff was worth it. I think Ewoks live in the forest here. (But when you're from SoCal like me, every forest looks like something from another planet!) More words, maps, and pictures here: <http://citius-travels.blogspot.com/2012/09/mt-dickerman-5760.html>" - benjineer, Sep 15, 2012
"Snow from the bottom of the steep winter route chute(with the rapid melt this route is no longer safe) to the top with a few spots along the way where the trail was exposed under some trees. Most of the tracks seemed to follow the actual trail surprisingly well considering how seldom it was visible. The summit cornice has melted back 5-10 feet back from the edge of the steep north face. The weather was a combination of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and sunshine, all of them simultaneously at one point. The rest of the trip was dry and often sunny. Thunder could be heard and lightning " - Jeb, Jul 13, 2012
"What's a better way to spend your Fourth of July? A hike on Mt. Dickerman! Found snow at around 4,300'. Just needed Microspikes. There is one snow bridge you need to worry about. Ice axe could be helpful for glissading, but I still glissaded at every given opportunity there was without one. Probably around 12 feet of snow up on the summit. Clouds covering all the snow capped mountains, but it was still worth the trip. " - aimk13, Jul 4, 2012


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