14,155 ft / 4,314 m


768 ft / 234 m


169 summits

Top climbing months

July   30%

August   27%

June   12%

Most climbed route

Kite Lake East Ridge


  • Mount Democrat is a Colorado 14er in the Mosquito Range.
  • Often climbed together with nearby 14ers Mount Lincoln and Mount Bross for a triple-peak day.
  • A very popular mountain, the standard route is Class 2 from the Kite Lake traihead.
"We hiked a loop of Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln and Bross from Kite Lake. On the ascent of Democrat we were part of a conga line of three high school cross country teams from Missouri. Beautiful day even with the on and off gusty winds." - Nimblefoot, Jul 14, 2016
"Amber, Corey, Jon, Lauro & I flew into Denver on Friday night to spend a weekend bagging a few Colorado 14ers. We got in late Friday night, drove to Kite Lake and set up camp. When we got up on Saturday, we headed up the trail to Democrat, then Cameron, Lincoln, Bross & South Bross before taking a crazy steep scree slope down the NW side of South Bross. We had perfect weather! " - Kevin, Aug 29, 2015
"Made it all the way to the Kite Lake Trail head in a low clearance 2WD Mazda. There were a few sketchy places but as long as you take it slow and have a basic understanding of driving on dirt roads you should be fine. Of the Decalibron this one was the most difficult in my opinion. There was quite a bit of loose rock about half way up from the saddle and there were at least a few times I saw very large rocks get knocked loose and fall down the mountain barly missing people lower on the switch backs. This chain of mountains is notorious for it's wind and it did not disappoint. I experienced som" - IanWright, Jul 22, 2015
"best success on this trip....making it to the trailhead in my Celica. Best lesson - how important weather is to pay attention to. Worst lesson - leaving your gear at the base of the final ascent before summit isn't always a solid idea. Sure it sheds a few extra pounds but when a good Samaritan thinks you lost your pack, sunglasses and wind breaker and hauls them all the way back to the Kite Lake trailhead for you as a nice gesture....it makes for a very sketchy hike gearless. " - kelseyjames8675309, Jul 11, 2015
"Camping on Friday night and hiking on Sat. is a great idea, it gives you those extra hours of sleep. This is our first time climbing with others. Four started in the dark and by sun up one had turned back. The weather was great not a cloud in the sky. Met Gizmo after summiting and on our way back to the false summit. He gave me kisses from his back pack seat. Off to Mount Cameron here we come." - lindsaywouldratherbecamping, Jul 23, 2011



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