5,584 ft / 1,702 m


1,424 ft / 434 m


52 summits

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July   21%

August   17%

September  12%

"Hit the trail head at 0640, started up in the rain. Hit the trail intersection towards Bandera peak but the trail was completely snowed in and I wasn't outfitted to bust trail through the 2 foot snow since I was just out for a trail run. Decided top cut my loss and headed back top the trail head. Will head back up I m the spring. " - CraigArnold2, Dec 18, 2018
"Went up P3 then traversed the ridge over to Mount Defiance. Took the old Mason Creek Trial down for a fun challenge. Would have added Web Mountain/West Defiance but it looked to sketch for the 2 dogs with us." - Happyjoecappy, Aug 25, 2018
"Do not try to hike the Ira Spring Trail through the Talus Field until at least May. Several feet of very loose snow from recent avalanches covered the slopes. A man with snowshoes tried to break the trail but agreed it was much too dangerous and turned back. Snow appears to be more than 10ft deep along the trail at only 3500'." - KianCarson99, Apr 9, 2018
"We started early... It was cool and misty. Lots of traffic as this was the fourth of july weekend - in fact our parking situation actually added an extra half mile or so to the hike. The trail is in great shape and is well engineered. There is just a little bit of scrambling at the top that one of our dogs struggled with. Other than that smooth sailing all the way." - mikebarlow, Jul 2, 2017
"I climbed to the summit of Mt Defiance in powdery snow, about 2-3 feet deep on top of a solid, older layer. From the Ira Spring trail, I turned left after the bridge over Mason Creek and took the steeper Old Mason Ridge trail up to Mason Lake. The snow got deep at around 3500 ft. Under the top layer, the snow was pretty solid, making it easy to walk up any steep slope safely. I came down by the Ira Spring trail, which is maybe a mile longer. Since I was the first one up on these trails after a few days of snow, I had no tracks to follow going up. Coming down, I eventually ran into the sn" - markgarrett, Mar 16, 2016



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