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256 ft / 78 m


37 summits

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May   21%

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March   13%

"Very nice and cold hike to Mt. Deception. I love when the clouds roll in on the peaks. It was about 26 degrees on top of the mountain and 38 at the trailhead. The wind made it colder but it was amazing. " - rickb, Feb 12, 2018
"The was my chance to experience the deception of Mount Deception. I was deceived right away in thinking that I needed to park at Red Box, which I did. I walked up Mount Wilson Road, only to find dozens of available parking spaces near the trailhead. Looked like I was off to a bad start. I hiked up Mount Disappointment Road, which was peaceful and mostly shady. At a saddle, a use trail climbs the ridge to the deceptive high points before reaching the true summit. The false summits were not too demoralizing. Actually, I had more problems trying to get past the Spanish bayonet plants without gett" - Peak-Conquistador, Dec 2, 2017
"This was a very pleasant finale to a 6-peak day in the area, including a traverse from Josephine Peak to Barley Flats. The fire road winds through serene Pinyon forest and the hike up the ridge to the summit is steep, sandy and good. The summit offers excellent views of Bear Canyon and the Front Range peaks, but some trees and brush obscure a full 360 degree view of the area." - klotito, Jun 4, 2017
"I didn't find the mountain especially deceptive. Sure, there were a few false summits, but none that were particularly discouraging or even noteworthy. Then again, that might be the meaning behind the name: you are deceived into expecting deception, then there isn't any. Pwned." - jimduvall, Nov 22, 2012
"Finished my second year of med school and HPS List #12 all in the same day! Pretty much everything is in bloom in the San Gabriels right now aside from the poodle dog bush making them a little harder to spot." - Christopher, May 18, 2012



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