7,965 ft / 2,428 m


3,480 ft / 1,061 m


9 summits

Top climbing months

July   33%

June   22%

October   22%

Most climbed route

Lynch Glacier


  • Mount Daniel is the highest summit on the Cascade Range crest of Alpine Lakes Wilderness in central Washington.
  • From most vantages Mount Daniel appears to be a triple-crowned mass, but 5 summits can be identified: West Summit (7960 ft/2426 m), Middle Summit (7,959 ft/2,426 m), East Peak (7,899 ft/2,408 m), West Pyramid (7880 ft/2402 m), and Northwest Summit (7,686 ft/2,343 m).
  • Supports several glaciers, the largest of which is Lynch Glacier on the northwest slope of the mountain. Other glaciers are the West Lynch Glacier, Daniel Glacier, and the Hyas Creek Glacier. All the glaciers on Mount Daniel are thinning and becoming stagnant; West Lynch Glacier is expected to disappear in the near future.
  • The standard route to the summit starts at Salmon La Sac, passes Cathedral Rock, Peggys Pond, and then is a scramble to the summit.
"This was the longest day+ I’ve done in quite a while. The hike started Friday night with an 8:00 pm departure from the trailhead. We’d been shooting for 6:00, but underestimated the drive time (It’s about 70 minutes from Roslyn on a bumpy, but sedan-passable dirt road). The darkness caused a couple of wrong turns on the trail from the PCT to Peggy’s Pond and we rolled into camp at 11:00. Sleep enfolded us by 11:30 and too quickly abandoned us at 3:30 AM. The clouds had lifted and we were blessed with nearly full moonlight for the initial route-finding. We left Peggy’s at 4:15 and headed NN" - TynanRammGranberg, Jul 23, 2016
"Colin and I pulled into the Tucquala Meadows Trailhead around 8:30 Saturday night with just enough light left to see a gaggle of geese in the marshy lake. A clear starry sky looked promising until light rain began to fall. After dinner and a gear check we crashed out with four hours left before the planned 2 am wakeup call, hopeful for better weather to come. We were climbing up the Cathedral Trail by 2:45 and to Peggys Pond before sunrise. After leaving the PCT there are two short cliffy sections where the trail fades into the rock. We topped off on water while the morning light crept ov" - Jeb, Sep 8, 2013



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