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Dana Trail

"Classic Eastern Sierra backcountry ski day on 2nd day of our trip. We heard a rumor that the Tioga Pass Road had just opened to 5 miles west of the pass, but the Cal Trans site didn't show an update. So we just decided to risk it and found that the road is now open all the way up to the pass. We skinned up Glacier Canyon (incredibly hot) and booted up the Dana Couloir, then skinned up to the summit. The ski down the Dana Couloir was one of the best I've experienced. Wind-buffed chalky snow giving way to corn at the base. 9 miles, 3400 vert. Amazing day. " - scott, Apr 16, 2014
"Went up from the Tioga Pass parking lot. Not surprisingly many people were attempting this while I was doing so. Also not surprisingly was that the attrition rate was high. I would say about half of the people I saw go toward the peak ended up going back. It was a super windy day which made it a tad colder than I expected. The views are pretty incredible and the peak is rather accessible. Looking at Mt. Gibbs and past it toward the Cathedral range was breathtaking. I also had the pleasure of seeing Skypilot in bloom. Mono Lake was readily visible from the peak as well. I went to the lake" - Irrationalist, Jul 6, 2013
"My friend Karl from Santa Cruz brought his 13 y/o nephew Wyatt from Hawaii. It was his first peak, and he did great in tennis shoes. It was my first Sierra peak in 3 years, and my 94th." - summitch, Jul 14, 2012
"On day 3 of a 4 day trip in the Sierras my Friend and I went for the summit of Mt. Dana which at the time would be my highest summit yet by a long shot. We started hiking through the Dana Meadows on the West side in the morning and it was just absolutely beautiful! We then made it up the switchbacks which got us up and over the western lip onto the big face in which you have to climb. It was mostly covered in Ice with a little bit of snow on top of it. We pulled out the crampons and took the ice route rather than the rocky route. Good choice for sure! We got toward the top and had no choice bu" - 1-with-Nature, Jun 29, 2010
"Snowboarded down Solstice Couloir. MEGAHUGE CORNICE! Was able to cut thru the cornice on skier's left, and then drop in literally underneath the cornice. Easily qualifies as the Most Epic Line I've ever ridden!" - platypii, May 30, 2010



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