941 ft / 286 m


426 ft / 130 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

April   30%

July   15%

August   7%

Most climbed route

Summit Trail

"Led a group of 6 members of Meetup group Happy Hikers starting at the Gold Mine Picnic Area, followed East Ithaca Creek down to JC Slaughter Falls, then across to West Ithaca Creek. Followed this up to Simpsons Falls, then Eugenia, Fairy Wren Circuits, back to Powerful Owl Trail, then down to the Gold Mine, and back to our cars. Total distance just on 9 km." - donizen, Jul 22, 2018
"Solo hike. Left from the lookout and followed the Litchfield Trail tonear channel 9. Then down to Ghost Hole. Followed East Ithaca Creek down to J C Slaughter Falls. Then followed the Summit Trail a short way before turning right to ascend back to the Litchfield Track, then back to the lookout. Drove down to J C Slaughter Picnic Area and went up to The Pinnacle." - donizen, Jul 6, 2018
"I do this one a few times a week but usually do not put it up. So over the years have done this one thousands of times. Today parked at the lookout as per usually, then down the Lookout Trail, then across the Golden Orb Trail turning right on the unnamed trail that goes back to the Lookout Trail and straight back." - donizen, Aug 27, 2017
"The Mt Coot-tha official "Summit Track" only takes you to the lookout, which is some 50 odd metres lower than the highest point on the mountain. The true summit is fenced off as a QUU facility, immediately west of the Channel 10 studios. You can walk up to the fence from Sir Samuel Griffith Drive though, which is only a metre or two below the summit. I decided to take a more interesting loop using parts of the Simpson Falls Track, Eugenia Circuit, Brush Box Track, Grey Gums Track, Fairy Wren Circuit and Powerful Owl Trail." - Michael, Apr 25, 2017
"Due to Cyclone Debbie and most national parks being closed, we decided to spend the morning on this one. Started at the lookout and went down the Lookout Trail, then across the Golden Orb Trail, back up the Chapel Hill Trail to the lookout. Breakfast at Kuta Cafe, then off to Simpsons Falls. Started at 7 am and were finished by 10 am." - donizen, Apr 2, 2017


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