1,440 ft / 438 m


882 ft / 269 m


11 summits

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May   25%

August   16%

October   16%

"7 of us from Meetup group Happy Hikers decided to do three Coo's. Originally going to start with Mt Cooroy which is only available one day a year but due to fire risk was cancelled. Ended up with heavy rain threatening and we just did two, this one and Mt Coochin. Still a great day with great company." - donizen, Oct 15, 2017
"Decided to get up early and do the three Coo's (Coolum, Cooroora and Cooroy). Tore a muscle in my left leg (aggravated a previous injury) and just managed to complete Cooroora. Maybe I am getting too old for this. Maybe I should just take up Bingo." - donizen, Jan 30, 2016
"I've gone up between 3 & 5 days a week for the last 3+ years as I live in Pomona. My photo was taken on the morning after the recent fire and I could only get 3/4 of the way up owing to the thick smoke. The mountain is "officially closed" for now, but it will be years before it fully recovers, so very sad for all of us who love it dearly." - jen, Nov 27, 2014


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