12,590 ft / 3,837 m


2,630 ft / 801 m


36 summits

Top climbing months

July   27%

August   25%

September  16%

Most climbed route

North Ridge

"west ridge climb left sawmill campground at 7am got to the base of the west ridge for 12. At lunch and waited for two other parties then began around 1pm. Made our way up the west ridge climbing the first 2-3 pitches with pro then simul climbed most of the remaining pitches. Topped out at around 5.30pm then trudged back in the oncoming dark arriving back to the car around midnight." - wmitchell, Sep 16, 2017
"After 10 years of friendship and climbs across the world, I finally got my best man Moosehiker in the Sierras, and on a classic Yosemite peak to start. Rain in the morning gave way to perfect weather later on. Complete TR: http://themtsarecalling.com/conness/" - Christopher, Aug 22, 2016
"After hiking Half Dome a couple days before, I took a bus up to Tuolumne Meadows and met up with a friend. We backpacked to Young Lakes and did a day hike to Conness. Lots of scree, and there was at least one move close to the summit was scary, but my friend talked me through it. I was so glad to make it. This peak probably got me addicted to peakbagging. Fun boot ski on the way down. Not a lot of people coming from Young Lakes, but chatted with some friendly folks at the summit." - kaylam87, Sep 12, 2015
"Drove up late on Friday from Seal Beach and arriving at Saddlebag Lake about 1am Saturday sleepy eyed and ready to call it quits for the weekend. But after hitting snooze several times in the morning, I managed to get going at a beautiful alpine start of 9am. Hehe. Still feeling a lil bit tired, a cool breeze and beautiful alpine lakes rejuvenated me in no time, and before I knew it, I was on the NW Ridge of North Peak and summiting North Peak shortly after 11am. It was pretty windy and cold on the ridgeline. In fact, moments before summiting, I lost my brand new Arc'teryx hat. I watched" - DrBoz, Aug 30, 2014
"Approached from Sawmill Campground - took south slope on way up (via sandy/gravelly pass) and came down via some weird distortion of the East Ridge route. Loved the last little ridge to the summit - what fun!" - calipidder, Sep 4, 2010



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