4,057 ft / 1,237 m

#52 in New York

#34,064 in United States


750 ft / 229 m

#129 in New York

#2,745 in United States


117 summits

#32 in New York

#145 in United States

Top climbing months

August   16%

July   14%

June   13%

Most climbed route

Colvin from Lake Rd. Trail


  • Mount Colvin is an ADK 46er in the Adirondack Mountains of Adirondack Park, New York.
  • Offers excellent views of many other Adirondack High Peaks including: Giant, Rocky Peak Ridge, Upper Wolfjaw, Lower Wolfjaw, Armstrong, Sawteeth, Gothics, Saddleback, Basin, Tabletop, Marcy, Haystack, Redfield, Allen, Nippletop, Dial, and Blake.
  • Named after Verplanck Colvin, an explorer of the Adirondacks and the director of the survey which mapped the region. After naming many other peaks and geographic features, he chose this less-prominent mountain to name after himself.