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  • Mount Columbia is a Colorado 14er in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in the Sawatch Range.
  • Along with nearby Mount Harvard, Mount Yale, Mount Princeton, and Mount Oxford, Mount Columbia is one of the Collegiate Peaks; it is named for Columbia University.
  • Due to an awful scree field located on the standard route, it's usually only climbed by those pursuing the Colorado 14ers challenge.
"Started out from basecamp at the Horn fork basin at 0645hrs. Excellent weather. Extreme wind for 75% of the hike. However beautiful views in all directions. Total time to summit from base camp was exactly 2 hours. " - jouv236, Sep 23, 2018
"The traverse to Columbia turned this into a near epic. Snow and ice on half the route on the north slopes of Columbia with nothing holding me. Had to drop an extra 1000' to gain some solid rock and avoid the sketchy ice. Made for a rough 13 hour day. " - Christopher, Jun 13, 2017
"The traverse from Harvard was not what I was expecting. It took much longer than we thought it would. The peak has a wind break which would be nice if you get up early, however, we were in a hurry due to weather. Luckily we had no lightening but the rain/snow got pretty cold quickly. Be prepared and be confident in your footing going down. The nature of the trail down could be very dangerous if exhaustion is a factor." - DaniB, Aug 26, 2015
"Mountain 2 of 2 for the day. We continued on the ridge over from Mount Harvard. When I first researched this hike I was under the impression that this was a long but fairly easy class 2 ridge traverse that took you straight to Mount Columbia. Most of it was indeed fairly easy and straight forward. The surprise came in the final section before you start ascending Mount Columbia. Rather than continuing on the ridge which becomes very technical, you drop down into the valley on the east side losing all the altitude that you had gained from climbing Mount Harvard. You basically end up starting fro" - IanWright, Aug 26, 2015



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