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Lake Arnold


  • Mount Colden is in the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, New York.
  • Known for its distinctive Trap Dyke, a large crevice running up the center of the mountain which can clearly be seen from Avalanche Lake.
  • There are two maintained trails up Mount Colden: 1) The first approaches from the northeast, passes by Lake Arnold and crosses over several false peaks before ascending to the summit. 2) The second trail, which is steeper, approaches from the southwest, starting from Lake Colden. Both approaches are reached from the popular Adirondak Loj trailhead.
  • Finally, the summit of Mount Colden can also be reached by climbing the infamous Trap Dyke from Avalanche Lake. This approach leads to a long slide and a short bushwhack to the summit. It doesn't follow a maintained trail, is extremely steep in places, and should be taken with caution. The Trap Dyke is also a challenging backcountry ski descent only in the right conditions.
"been on my favorites to attempt for a long time. An unbelievable trail wherein truly the journey was as if not more so incredible than the summit. Avalanche Lake is a fairy tale" - ionahraqs, Jul 9, 2018
"We hiked in though Avalanche pass, what a beautiful area. Continued onto Lake Colden and picked a spot to camp at beaver point camp site. My friends and I crossed over dam and followed trail ariund lake. They didn't want to hike up, so I headed off up the trail to Colden, well they took trail around lake. Tough climb up, lots for ladders/stairs and very wet rocky sections. Compared to the White mtns were I hike a lot, this was rugged and very steep, with lots of rock slabs to huke over. Great views when finally hit the summit though!" - blackwolf_03278, Jul 7, 2018
"RAIN all the way up, until we came out on top in the clouds. Just as we left the summit the cloud cover started to break and we got a couple glimpses of the scenery, but otherwise not much to see on this day." - cbp5800, Aug 5, 2017
"Hiked with Kellie, Kim, and Chad. This was the final mountain for Kellie's 46er finish. Hiked from the Loj up to Lake Arnold and to the summit of Colden. Weather was nice, but overcast. No winds and not very cold. Only thing missing was the views. Still enjoyed the hike and celebrated with a couple beers and some food at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery after the hike was completed. " - LGH-Tom, Mar 25, 2017
"Joined Kellie for her 46er finish along with Tom and Chad. We started out later than normal from the Loj, around 9am. Weather wasn't very cold at all, but it was overcast. We were just glad we didn't experience any of the rain/wintery mix that was in the forecast. Took our time on this hike and it was a very nice day. Celebrated Kellie's finish at 1:30pm and after hanging out on the summit for a while with two other groups we made our way down and back to the car. " - Kim-Stilson, Mar 25, 2017



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