3.9 mi to summit

6.1 mi total


7,258 ft start

11,824 ft max


4,703 ft gain


5 hr 24 min to summit

7 hr 40 min total

This route is a good contender for the most difficult of the standard Idaho 12er routes. It requires lots of fitness and a strong mental game, especially with a little snow thrown in. Despite the difficulty, we couldn't have asked for a better day. Bluebird skies with haze only in the distance, clear views of all the central Idaho mountains to the west, not even a hint of threatening weather. These two mountains are difficult to reach, leave little choice for reducing exposure, and my glissading definitely needs work. But the ridge scramble to Mount Church is definitely worth the extra effort.

Route name

Mount Church 6.1 mi route


routefinding, stream crossing, snow on route

Key gear

trekking poles