13,169 ft / 4,014 m


407 ft / 124 m


2 summits

Top climbing months

June   50%

September  50%

Most climbed route

South Face

"After refilling my water, soaking my feet, and weighing my options at the tarn, I decided to go for Chamberlin for many reasons- Newcomb was closer to the trailhead and would be easier to get later, Chamberlin looked like a less sandy climb, Chamberlin reportedly had a really old register, and if the clouds brewing turned thunderous, I could get back to treeline faster. I headed up from the tarn at 2PM and made it up in 1:20! The summit is actually a very broad plateau similar to Mt. Whitney but had some of the best views of the day, including a straight drop into Crabtree Lakes. Having made g" - Christopher, Jun 8, 2013



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