4,700 ft / 1,432 m


2,223 ft / 677 m


180 summits

Top climbing months

October   16%

June   14%

September  13%

Most climbed route

Signal Ridge Trail


  • Signal Ridge Trail is moderate to strenuous.
  • Desolation Trail is very steep and rough especially on the descent or with heavy packs.
  • An observation tower on the summit provides good views.
"Eighty-five degrees below, high humidity, lots of bugs, and a closed access road that added four miles to our trip... A little overzealous, perhaps, but we were in good company. Thankful for water with electrolytes, lots of tree cover, Off, and the ease of much of the trail. ("Ease" in White Mountains terms, but nothing feels easy in those conditions.) Beautiful ridge and summit views! Worth the trip, but not to be repeated if the road remains closed and the temperatures are hot. " - gooner, Jun 30, 2018
"Went out for my winter 48 finish....3 miles in, I didnt feel so good....by 5 miles, I knew it was the stomach flu. It became a very rough climb due to my body deciding it wanted to extricate everything inside of it. I barely had it in me to crack a smile....the way down was even more torturous as a high fever set in. And a second time on Carrigain with no view!! I have to go back for redemption. " - shay-shay, Mar 5, 2018
"Perfect day with perfect friends for my 48th!!! Climbed the Signal Ridge Trail. Fairly easy terrain wise, although the 2 1/2 mile non-stop ramp to Signal Ridge was challenging. I was recovering from a cold, and this section seemed endless. The ridge was beautiful, and even though the tower looked like a very steep climb, it wasn't bad at all. Spent an hour at the summit celebrating in the sunshine. Nothing hand over hand at all, only a couple of sit-downs and scoots on the way out (I'm short and a bit over-cautious). Beautiful hike and perfect for a finish!" - PJSelmer, Oct 14, 2017
"Today was the final hike of my AMC4000 footers in New Hampshire. Its a holiday weekend, so I made sure to get an early start. I was the first one on the trail at 5:45am. I got to enjoy the summit to myself for a while and relax even though it was extremely windy again. On my way down I counted 91 people and 8 dogs. I was very happy to have started the hike when I did. Another list complete!! On to the next one. " - LGH-Tom, Sep 2, 2017
"A red-lining hike for Doug and his finish of his NH48. Just a Grid peak and a pick up of the Desolation Tr for me. Encountered a guy on some hardcore drug on Desolation Tr. Steep trail. Great day to be on the summit. We had it to ourselves. " - newenglandwarrior, Jun 30, 2017



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