3,155 ft / 962 m

#209 in New Hampshire

#39,898 in United States


1,922 ft / 586 m

#13 in New Hampshire

#814 in United States


187 summits

Top climbing months

May   12%

June   12%

August   11%

Most climbed route

West Ridge Trail


  • Mount Cardigan is a prominent bare-rock summit in western New Hampshire.
  • Extensive areas of bare granite ledges and alpine scrub giving it the feel of a much higher mountain.
  • Most of the summit area was denuded by devastating forest fires in 1855.
  • The Civilian Conservation Corps helped to develop the alpine ski trail network still in use today on the east side of the mountain.
  • The mountain is set in the 5,000-acre Cardigan Mountain State Forest.
  • The Cardigan Lodge, operated by the Appalachian Mountain Club since 1934, is located to the east at the foot of the mountain, and is often used as a base for day hikes in and around the mountain.