29.5 mi total


6,005 ft start


10,792 ft gain


24 hr 18 min total

Hiked in from obstruction point after work and camped at Moose lake. The next morning I woke up early to heavy smoke but decided to push on going over grand pass and into upper Cameron basin. I set up camp quickly and continued to Cameron pass. Soon after turning up the ridge I saw a party of 2 ahead going for Cameron as well. The climb was real straight forward with light scrambling towards the top. I shared the summit with Ben and Kate from Seattle for 15 minutes before continuing on the ridge towards Lost peak. The ridge was good up until the low point when I decided to drop down and around the back. Another nice scramble at the top of Lost and a summit to myself. Views were socked in with smoke on both summits but still a rewarding day in the mountains. Down to lost pass from there and a brutal/tiring walk over Cameron pass to camp. Headed all the way back to obstruction point the next day with a detour through Badger valley.

Route to summit



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Key gear

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