915 ft / 279 m


24 summits

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September  20%

October   16%

May   12%

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Mount Caesar Cemetery trail


  • The trail to Mt. Caesar begins at the back of the historic cemetery across from the Swanzey Town Hall.
  • The mountain is named for Caesar, a freed slave.
  • The summit was a Native American lookout. It has a 180 degree view, including Mt. Monadnock.
"A snow covered journey with a sacred circle opening near the peak, honoring the 4 directions and the Native American spirits along with the ghost of mr. Freeman Caesar (the mountains namesake) this was a lookout and very important spot to the Abenaki tribe prior to 1750." - mikezilla, Oct 31, 2011
"I did an extended loop around the base, following a stone wall much of the way and going up an alternate and much longer route to the summit, covering every trail the area has to offer. I also found a unique arrow carved in stone at the peak that points in the direction of Mount Monadnock." - mikezilla, Aug 15, 2011
"mt.caesar was named after the first free slave in the monadnock area . he is buried somewhere after the cemetary and just before the trail head on the mountain. his ghost has been seen so this is an official haunted hike. great views of the southwest from the peak." - mikezilla, Jun 19, 2009


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