4,170 ft / 1,271 m


2,661 ft / 811 m


140 summits

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August   13%

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October   10%

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Unknown Pond to Kilkenny Ridge


  • Mount Cabot is the highest peak of the Pilot Range of the White Mountains and the northernmost New Hampshire 4000 footer.
  • Tree-covered summit offers limited views via short spur trails.
  • Cabot is flanked to the northeast by The Bulge and to the south of Bunnell Notch by Terrace Mountain.
"FREEZING COLD OUT THERE....Im guessing -10-20...so cold that I had to help dress my partner when it got too cold. We had hoped to loop and grab the bulge and horn but when we were as cold as we were on Cabot we decided to turn around. " - shay-shay, Jan 25, 2018
"Cabot take 2 and minus all of the snow... Great day, but navigating the moose poop was a difficult quest. I think the goal for the moose on the mountain was to poop on every square inch of trail....it was impressive. Great trip with views on one of the peaks and the bugs are still resting! " - shay-shay, May 21, 2017
"Today was for Grid and also some red-lining of Cabot Spur Spring Tr and also the Kilkenny Ridge segment over Terrace. First person on the mountain and quick hike up. Managed to locate the Spring Tr. Didn't like how much altitude I lost in that 0.1 miles, but eventually reached the spring. Onwards to Terrace." - newenglandwarrior, Sep 24, 2016
"Beautiful day to hike in the Whites. I decided to do a loop of the horn, the bulge, and Cabot. When I pulled in their was a large group headed up Bunnell, so I decided to head up the unknown pond trail to start my loop. I had the horn all to myself and the views were phenomenal. With all the cars in the parking lot I found it strange that I made it over the bulge and past the summit of Cabot before seeing my first group of people. Nothing to say about the bulge, no views, just in the way, Cabot also had no views, so The Horn was the peak of the day. Ended up being an 11.1 mile loop from my car" - LGH-Tom, Jun 18, 2016
"Cabot was the last peak that had a 2 on my Grid chart and it was bugging me. I went up and barebooted up a ways to start. As I gained elevation, I had to constantly put on and take off my microspikes. Just before the viewpoint ledge, there was sheets of ice, so I left my microspikes on. I was almost in the clouds near the summit, so I didn't stay long. Coming down on that ice was sketchy with just spikes on. Crampon's would have been better for the descent, but I managed to make it down." - newenglandwarrior, Apr 2, 2016



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