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Unknown Pond to Kilkenny Ridge


  • Mount Cabot is the highest peak of the Pilot Range of the White Mountains and the northernmost New Hampshire 4000 footer.
  • Tree-covered summit offers limited views via short spur trails.
  • Cabot is flanked to the northeast by The Bulge and to the south of Bunnell Notch by Terrace Mountain.
"Busy day on Cabot. Around 20 degs. A little breeze at the top. Some sun but a lot of clouds. Was spitting snow half the way up. Lunch in the cabin. Felt like a refridgerator. But very good trail conditions, no ice, easy walk with spikes. Thought about looping over to Unknown Pond but that trail looked a little rough at the summit." - Alohabuffy, Dec 30, 2018
"Trail was packed out but still pretty soft in spots, especially after the turn from Bunnell Notch up the mountain on the Kilkenny Ridge Trail, so I stuck with snowshoes the whole way up and down. Stream crossing were mostly easy step/hop-overs, with a couple of the bigger crossings having well-trodden detours where the main ice bridges were looking pretty thin. A surprisingly sunny morning meant I got some views I didn't expect at Bunnell Rock and the Cabot Cabin. All in all, it was a tough day grinding the hike out in the snow, but a victorious one in knocking another 4000-footer off the list" - HikeLikeMike, Mar 24, 2018
"FREEZING COLD OUT THERE....Im guessing -10-20...so cold that I had to help dress my partner when it got too cold. We had hoped to loop and grab the bulge and horn but when we were as cold as we were on Cabot we decided to turn around. " - shay-shay, Jan 25, 2018
"Cabot take 2 and minus all of the snow... Great day, but navigating the moose poop was a difficult quest. I think the goal for the moose on the mountain was to poop on every square inch of trail....it was impressive. Great trip with views on one of the peaks and the bugs are still resting! " - shay-shay, May 21, 2017
"Today was for Grid and also some red-lining of Cabot Spur Spring Tr and also the Kilkenny Ridge segment over Terrace. First person on the mountain and quick hike up. Managed to locate the Spring Tr. Didn't like how much altitude I lost in that 0.1 miles, but eventually reached the spring. Onwards to Terrace." - newenglandwarrior, Sep 24, 2016



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