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312 ft / 95 m


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  • Mount Bross is a Colorado 14er in the Mosquito Range.
  • Barely qualifies as an independent peak by the standard 300 foot prominence rule and is often climbed together with fellow 14ers Mount Lincoln and Mount Democrat.
  • Easy hike to a broad flat summit.
"Amber, Corey, Jon, Lauro & I flew into Denver on Friday night to spend a weekend bagging a few Colorado 14ers. We got in late Friday night, drove to Kite Lake and set up camp. When we got up on Saturday, we headed up the trail to Democrat, then Cameron, Lincoln, Bross & South Bross before taking a crazy steep scree slope down the NW side of South Bross. We had perfect weather! " - Kevin, Aug 29, 2015
"After hastily leaving Lincoln with its electric storm, Bross was extremely windy (50+mph), but without precipitation. Ran with a tail wind for some time, but the switchbacks were painfully slow because of the wind's force. The open and exposed nature of Bross' summit kept the visit short, just long enough to crouch in one of the two rock windbreaks and eat a snack. The run down was uneventful, but the views of kite lake and the valley were spectacular." - native414, Aug 29, 2011
"After a quick stay we started our decent on what looked like another easy going trail, it was anything but. It was steep, loose and rocky. You could see where we were camped and for an hour or so it didn't get any closer. A few falls and hours later we met back with our other party at camp. " - lindsaywouldratherbecamping, Jul 23, 2011
"It was afternoon time and we could see thunderstorms at a distance, but they seemed to be passing by rather than heading towards us. There was some risk, but it was calculated. It was here after 5+ hours of hiking I started to feel altitude sickness hard (throbbing headache, nausea). But knowing bross wasn't too far away and we would only be descending after that -- kept going." - Shivin, Sep 4, 2009
"Trip of solidarity. Pikatti and I needed some time to gather my thoughts. Cold and windy trip. Bagged Bross illegally as the peak is on private property. Could not find the register at the top of Bross or Democrat." - Delos, Oct 8, 2008



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