520 ft / 158 m


26 summits

Top climbing months

July   20%

September  17%

November   13%

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Summit Trail

"Lovely day for a hike on Labor Day. it was one of the busier hike spots we have been to in Maine in some time, and many people were hiking with children, dogs or both. The Summit Trail was particularly busy; the Tote Road trail was particularly lightly traveled. The Summit Trail is blazed in white, the Ski Trail in green and the Northern Loop Trail in blue. " - Badgerinmaine, Sep 5, 2016
"Another great day for a hike. Imagine that! Needed to get a little gear for an up coming trip to Utah and stopped in to LL Bean and then went off in search of something to climb. Ta-dah! what a great little mountain to kill an hour or so on. We took the Northern Loop Trail to the Boundary Trail to the Summit and then down the South Ridge Trail. There were a lot of people out on the trail. Families with dogs, mountain bikers and even three good looking guys from the Coast Guard stationed in Portland. The Boundary Trail was mostly well packed snow with some ice. The South Ridge Trail was" - bwright, Feb 1, 2014


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