4,698 ft / 1,432 m


299 ft / 91 m


208 summits

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July   19%

August   15%

May   14%

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bondcliff trail

"After leaving the summit of Bondcliff it was a relatively uneventful 1.2 miles to the summit of Mount Bond, I was actually surprised at the small amount of gain from the col to the summit of Mount Bond. I'm can't remember what the rules are for the AMC4000 footers but the prominence between the two peaks has to be close to the cutoff and the same goes for West Bond. I didn't hang out long on Bond before heading down to grab West Bond....." - LGH-Tom, Aug 23, 2017
"Hiked in the Zealand trail to hut then, continued to Zeacliff and Mount Zealand. From there hiked over Mount Guyot to the campsite for the night. Enjoyed the sunset on West Bond that night and next morning hiked out over Mount Bond and Boncliff to Lincoln woods." - blackwolf_03278, Jul 23, 2017
"Did the Bonds out and back from Zealand, long day (12 hours +) and about 20 miles. Actually good weather but it was hot coming back up to Bond from Bondcliff. Bondcliff didn't disappoint, fabulous views as always. Trails not as full as we thought they'd be. Forgot how rough Zealand trail was from the Zealand summit to Guyot." - Alohabuffy, Jul 22, 2017
"Headed out with a great group of hiking friends to finish my NH48 patch. Beautiful day....sunshine, a light breeze and lots of laughs. Couldnt have picked a better day to finish!" - shay-shay, Jun 10, 2017
"Went with Kali in the rain. Seven 4000 footers in a three day backpack. Zealand, Guyot (not on the 4000 footer list) West Bond, Bond, Bondcliff, South Twin, North Twin and Galehead. Spent 1 night at Guyot Campsite in lean-to and second night at Galehead Hut." - Hufflepuff, Aug 1, 2016



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