3,192 ft / 973 m


1,840 ft / 561 m


17 summits

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July   33%

June   22%

September  22%

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Mount Blue Trail

"A late start. Steep hike. Great views. Wish it wasn't so hazy so I could take pics. Work being done to the communication tower. The foreman got to explain it all to me. Didn't witness the landing, but saw a helicopter that had just landed on the summit as well. Pretty cool. Onwards to Rangeley." - newenglandwarrior, Jul 21, 2017
"What a great day for a hike. Oh yea everyday is a great day for a hike. We hit the trail around 7:15 the weather was humid and the temp was 65 degrees. This trail is pretty much all up, with very few level spots. After climbing Mt. Abraham last week this was just a quick walk in the park (1.6 miles to the summit). Ten minutes before we reached the summit we heard a helicoter flying close to the mountain and then it was gone. When we reached the peak we were greeted by two fresh looking faces who obviously hadn't just climbed up the trail. They were dropped of by the helicopter and soon the hel" - bwright, Jul 15, 2012
"The 6th & final peak of the long weekend at the lake house. A fairly steep 1.6 mile hike to rewarding views from four different summit vistas. The tower that was there is in disarray & was replaced with these four clearings." - VonSelmer, Jul 11, 2011



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