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"Made great time from Bigelow West to this smaller, but still challenging, summit. View was limited, but still awesome. Met some cool people up there, and then continued on to North Horn." - mikewilliamsjr, Oct 1, 2017
"Hit this peak doing the loop from West Peak down to Horns Pond trail. It's another fantastic peak in this range. Again 360 views from a small bald summit. The whole Bigelow Range is a great hike." - Alohabuffy, Aug 9, 2017
"NoBo AT Thru Hike 2016. Tom was still in town, so once again I was able to slack pack from Maine 27 all the way over the Bigelow range to Flagstaff Road, which was a awesome 17 mile section. We had great views from West and Avery and after Tom picked me up we saw a moose on Flagstaff Road on the way back down in the car. Second moose in two days!! " - Kim-Stilson, Sep 19, 2016
"Came up to Carrabassett Valley for a couple days to grab some 4k's and enjoy the late fall weather in Maine. Did the Bigelow ridge from off Stratton Brook Pond rd. Windy and chilly above treeline if you weren't dressed proper. with windchill it was in the low teens. socked in with clouds which was a bummer mostly because the Bigelows summits are above treeline. Trail conditions were prime, mainly because the trail I took was the AT. great hike! 12.7 mile loop that passes 3 campground areas some have lean-tos, and no fees. this would be a great over nighter especially in the summer. I'm sure th" - chrisr00d, Oct 22, 2012
"Great day for a hike. We struck out early this morning hoping to hike the AT up to Sugarloaf, and then on to Spaulding. The Caribou Pond Road was in good condition, but the stream crossing was high and moving fast. So change of plans... let's go hike West Peak and the Horns. So back in the truck and head for the trail head at Stratton Pond. Up the fire warden's trail. The Stratton Pond Outlet was moving right along but was safe compared to where we just were. So we crossed and hiked up the wardens trail. Summited West Peak, the wind was wild crazy and the sky was spitting ice in our faces. Now" - bwright, Oct 21, 2012



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