14,065 ft / 4,287 m


720 ft / 219 m


227 summits

Top climbing months

July   31%

August   18%

June   14%

Most climbed route

Guanella Pass


  • Mount Bierstadt is a Colorado 14er in the Front Range.
  • Because it is generally considered an easy climb, along with its accessibility from nearby Denver, Mount Bierstadt is one of the most popular mountains to climb in Colorado.
  • The most popular route begins at Guanella Pass. From Guanella Pass it is approximately a 3 mile hike with a climb of 2,391 feet.
  • Alternative trails cover the eastern slopes for longer hikes.
  • Once at the summit, a popular option is to continue the hike to nearby Mount Evans along a ridge known as The Sawtooth, an intermediate-level hike. Often such a trip will involve a detour down to Abyss Lake at the bottom of the valley separating Bierstadt and Evans.
"Started well before sunrise with the intention of reaching the summit in time to watch it. We were close. The going was a little slower than anticipated due to one of our party not feeling 100%. Still an awesome day!" - Kevin, Sep 2, 2017
"Started at sunrise. Obstacles included crossing a flooded stream and battling chilly wind gusts. Sun came out at the top and turned out to be a beautiful day. Took a little less than an hour to descend. This was my 2nd summit!" - melissakwriter, Jul 15, 2017
"My first winter fourteener! I can't stress enough how much more difficult this was than I ever expected. We started at about 5 am, made summit around 2:30 or 3 pm, and made it back to the car around 6 or 7 pm. A very long day! There was a pretty solid trench for a lot of it, but in places the wind had completely covered it so people had made their own new routes. Without snowshoes this would have been nearly impossible in some places. We made tons of wrong turns and bad route finding decisions on the way up that added tons of extra time to our accent. Following other people's tracks proved to " - IanWright, Jan 27, 2016
"Cyril and I spent the night at ground zero in the pickup. Woke up and began the ascent at around 7:00 AM. Made the summit in about 3-4 hours and continued on through The Sawtooth. Descended through Hidden Valley and made it back to the pickup around 4:00 PM. " - ACDelco, Sep 26, 2015
"This was mountain 1 of 5 for the day. We hit the trail at about 4 am. On the way up Mount Bierstadt we ran into someone we had met a week earlier wile climbing Grays and Torreys. After a short conversation we discovered that he and his friend (Andrew and Julio) had the same goals for the day, and decided to climb across The Sawtooth to Mount Evans together. They were amazing climbing companions and I suspect that we will climb many more mountains together in the future. On the descent from The Sawtooth ridge traverse you end up in the valley below The Sawtooth. This valley had mile after mile " - IanWright, Aug 23, 2015



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