12,119 ft / 3,694 m


1,177 ft / 359 m


4 summits

Top climbing months

August   60%

July   20%

September  20%

Most climbed route

East Ridge

"Camped at the trailhead. I had made it most of the way before, but my back was still in a lot of pain at that time, so didn't do the last, steepest part to the summit. I really wanted to finish that last bit. There is a very good use path all the way up. The wind was ferocious, pushing me around. I wasn't quite used to the cold either! So happy to have made this one." - StudioHoodoo, Sep 18, 2018
"A short hike from the south east. The trail was much steeper than I anticipated it would be. It was a steep shale hike at the end, maybe a hard class 2 hike but no too challenging. over all a very good peak." - Ryan_Wallace, Aug 20, 2012


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