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  • Mount Belford is a Colorado 14er in the Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Range.
  • Belford is an easy climb to a rounded summit.
  • It lies near 14ers Mount Oxford and Missouri Mountain and is often climbed in conjunction with one or both of these peaks.
  • Most people also summit Mount Oxford since it lies about a mile away on a high connecting ridge.
  • Summiting all three 14ers in one day is a significant outing of 14.5
  • 5 miles and 7400 feet vertical gain.
  • None of the peaks are visible from the prying eyes of roads.
"We set out to bag both Belford and Oxford but with our slow pace and dark clouds/rain/thunder we decided to skip Oxford. Of course the day turned off nice after the sprinkles and snow flurries. The sun popped out enough to treat us to a rainbow across the green valley below us. Saw three rock ptarmigans on our way up, one was trying to gather her 4 chicks that were bouncing around trying get away from us. Because of the reported tricky water crossings I decided to go with the vibram beasts instead of the usual trail runners. The crossings were not tricky and I want my sneaks back, water crossi" - Nimblefoot, Jul 13, 2017
"Mountain 1 of 4 for the day and my 16th fourteener this year. I met a guy named Michael at the summit of my second climb up Mount Elbert earlier this season. He told me he was moving to Colorado soon and wanted to do some more climbs. We exchanged information and sure enough when he got here a few days ago he hit me up wanting to know when I would be climbing again. We invited him along to this climb and he turned out to be an amazing climbing companion. I suspect this to be the first of many that he will join us on.The road on the way up was one of the roughest of any that we have experienced" - IanWright, Sep 6, 2015
"Started at 6:30 or so in the morning. Met cool people at the top and enjoyed the cookies they gave us. (: Began descent of Oxford at around 11:45am. Did not follow trail on the way down, so it took forever and we got back to the trailhead around 4:30pm. 12th 14er. Unsure of the exact date." - Globetrotter87, Jun 16, 2012
"Left Denver at 3am, started hiking at 5:45. Reached the summit at 8am, then went on to climb Oxford, and then re-summited Mount Belford. A beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky! What a painful descent though..." - gub40897, Aug 9, 2011
"Slept over night near trailhead and headed out at 4:30am. Took 5 1/2hrs. for my cousin and I to reach the summit. This is my 3rd CO 14er and by far the hardest yet! Glad I stuck with it and made it to the summit. Wasn't able to reach Mt. Oxford. We got a good rest in and then headed back down with my brother and his dog Junior who summited both Belford and Oxford." - hikingMomma33, Jul 30, 2011



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