4,442 ft / 1,354 m


853 ft / 259 m


12 summits

Top climbing months

May   38%

September  15%

April   15%

Most climbed route

Up via SE Ridge

"Due to a bushfire, our trip to the Upper Portals via Monserrat Lookout was not possible. So after a bit of checking campers at Waterfall Camp site were aware, we decided to do Barney instead. Went up the Peasants Ridge only to Rum Jungle. Then down and back the same way. Was my co-hikers first time up Barney and she said she is hooked now and wants to do it again ASAP. Beautiful weather, though smoke from the bushfire made the views rather hazy." - donizen, Sep 10, 2017
"Even though we were hiking by 7:20am, the extremely hot and humid January day made the hike a challenge. I also got indigestion half-way up, which slowed me down a bit until it subsided after lunch. We saw lots of goannas and small lizards. Didn't see any snakes but we were sad to come across a cane toad. I nearly walked my face straight into a spider but thankfully no stings more serious than ants." - PeMai, Jan 10, 2017


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