11,068 ft / 3,374 m


368 ft / 112 m


31 summits

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August   32%

September  22%

July   12%

Most climbed route

Cecret Lake

"Albion basin to Cecret lake, climbers trail to saddle between Devil's Castle and Sugarloaf, up to Sugarloaf, down to Sugarloaf pass, up Mount Baldy, back to Sugarloaf pass, down under the Sugarloaf lift and out through Cecret Lake." - ridings82, Aug 23, 2015
"Took the tram up to twin peaks. Our hike to Baldy then down the north side to the Alta valley encountered some deep snow drifts. I had people from Sri Lanka, Cameron, Malaysia, Ghana, China, and Austria. For many this was their first mountain adventure and their first encounter with snow. It was a great day!" - jak5280, Oct 2, 2014
"I got an early start and got to the trail head of Cecret lake at 7am. I enjoyed the quite hike to Cecret lake along. When I got to the lake to my surprise I found that I was the only one there. I spent a few minutes enjoying the silence knowing that this place will be packed with hikers later in the day. I continued up the trail over Cecret ridge and up to Sugarloaf pass. After a few minutes of searching I finally found the trail up to Mt. Baldy. It was behind the Baldy Express lift. The trail to Mt. Baldy was a short rock scramble up the side and then a long leisurely hike to the peak. " - shaggs31, Aug 31, 2013
"Good day with no major problems. From the saddle between the two resorts I followed the ridge line and got a little lost. I scrambled for a few minutes until I stumbled upon the trail again. On the way down I found that the trail starts directly north of the Snowbird lift." - trailheadjoe, Jun 19, 2012



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