11,420 ft / 3,481 m


4,720 ft / 1,439 m


3 summits

Top climbing months

June   33%

July   33%

September  33%

Most climbed route

East Baldy Trail


  • Mount Baldy is the highest point in the White Mountains, Arizona.
  • Highest point in the state after the 6 summits of the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff.
  • The peak of Mount Baldy rises above the tree line and is left largely bare of vegetation, lending the mountain its name.
  • The summit of Mount Baldy is within the Fort Apache Indian Reservation and is off-limits to hikers without permission.
  • An unnamed sub-peak with an elevation of 11,400 ft exists approximately 0.5 miles to the north of the summit that is off reservation and accessible to the public via maintained trail.
  • Mount Baldy is one of the most sacred mountains to the Apache of Arizona.
  • Mount Baldy also contains the headwaters of the Salt River and produces the most abundant trout fishing streams in Arizona.
  • No other mountain in Arizona produces as much rivers and streams, and the area around Mount Baldy has the greatest amount of precipitation in Arizona.
  • From historic Fort Apache, Mount Baldy rises 6,130 vertical feet.



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