Sean and I started the hike to hogsback at 1ish after the drive and ferry approach. Alot of parties on the way down didn't make it due to an unsafe snow bridge. At camp we talked to a party that summited but they broke the bridge on the way back and weren't sure if there was a way up. We figured we would look and roped up at 130am. The snow conditions were great but there were alot of crevasses to navigate. We got to the broken snow bridge as the sun was coming up and spotted a route that looked ok but it was real steep right above the crevasse. We teamed up with another party of 2, using all 4 of the pickets and belayed eachother up the steep snow. After passing the crux it was easy going and super gorgeous. We got to the summit around 10. I can't imagine having better views. Sean and I had the top to ourselves for 15 minutes then made pretty good time heading down. We didn't want to down climb the spot we went up so we built an anchor and rappelled across the crevasse to a little ledge that we could climb out of. Once we got that scary bit out of the way we made it down to camp in good time. We were both extremely tired but packed up and made the drive back for work the next morning. Super proud of the experience we both gained on Baker.


excellent work, great crevasse shots